One of South East Asia’s poorest populations live in Burma. Since 50 years their people were isolated from the world until the elections of 2010 brought a promising change. The new civil government has signaled a sharp break from the highly centralized policies, that caused deadlock and stagnation for decades. 16 months later Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her NLD party won the by-elections with a landslide and is expected to reap 40-45 seats in parliament. A modest beginning (as only 7%), but a dream scenario only a few months ago .  Since the natural disaster of May 2008 Flying Teachers is active in the delta, completely destroyed during the hurricane Nargis. All foreign aid was initially refused and when it finally was allowed, it was too little, too late. Meanwhile most foreign aid has ‘dried up’ and the only aid now comes from private initiatives and a handful ngo’s, building hospitals, homes and schools. Flying Teachers also tries to help, be it on a small scale. We’re resurrecting schools in the devastated Delta, where 900 schools were destroyed. Only an estimated 15% is rebuilt so far.. We started in 2008 and already have produced THREE schools ! A fourth school is planned now. We hope to dedicate it to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, to be constructed on a spot designated by her. Help us to continue our work ! You make it possible by buying the photo book for only €50.   We have no overhead costs.   The entire €50 go to the  project !!                        Donations are very welcome too.