FLYING TEACHERS hopes to realize its goals, (transfer of knowledge to the less privileged children of this country) primarily by helping to rebuild schools, as that is, what is so urgently needed in this disaster area. Children are the future. In  the delta over 900 schools were destroyed. Only a few have been rebuilt; the government is not very eager, not interested, to put it mildly. The only noticeable structures are improvised, covered by ‘Tarpaulin’ sheets, donated by large NGO’s like UNICEF and UNHCR. Occasionally foreign NGO’s and some private volunteers succeed to realize a building project. A shining example is the private initiative of the Belgian trauma surgeon Prof. Dr. Luc Beaucourt of the Antwerp University Hospital, who, besides organizing medical trauma teams to regularly travel the Delta to give medical aid, has now entered a school building project, together with Flying Teachers.


Financial sponsoring for our project is not only sought through donations, but primarily will be raised from the proceeds of photo books and exhibits, where numbered and signed large artprints, produced by Charlie Hilm are sold. His tale is a visual story of the Burmese people. To tell the tale, pictures say so much more than words. Images and portraits of the common Burmese. Moving in their naiveté, tender, sometimes heartbreaking. Their day-to-day struggle for existence. Their devotion for the Buddhist doctrine. The innocence of children, the vulnerability of the old. Pictures of the very same people, we build schools for. Schools where kids will get the chance to find a way out of the circle of ignorance and poverty. Recently the coffee-table book ‘children of the Buddha’ was introduced in November. At his own expense Hilm had 2000 copies produced. So far 1700 books were sold, together with the donations sufficient to build the first three schools and the complementary salaries of the teachers! New books and photo exhibits are projected, as we don’t want to stop here.

Photography Charlie Hilm

After having retired from active business life, Charlie Hilm founded the NGO ‘FLYING TEACHERS’ He returned to his first profession, photography, 42 years since.. Taught himself to go digital, also in finishing the images with nowadays’ software. In recent years he made various photo tours through Burma, the country he had fallen in love with. This photo work now serves as the fundraiser for the foundation. A compilation of recent Burma pictures is gathered in this artful ‘coffee-table’ book,
Children of the Buddha – the eternal cycle of life.

Your purchase of this book helps us realize our goals!

By filling the form on this page, you can order one or more copies. You not only help us to realize our goals, but will receive a wonderful document of this colorful people so unknown to many of us. Meanwhile several corporations and companies showed their social conscience and awareness, by purchasing multiples of this book as a ‘corporate premium’ or business gift. Despite today’s economic setback !


Ofcourse we welcome donations too.  Should you have already bought one or more books, but still like to continue supporting our projects, we appreciate your donations. Flying Teachers the official Dutch ANBI status, which entitles you to have some fiscal advantages .
Donations please in favor of  Stichting Flying Teachers,
Amsterdam, Holland,    Bank Mees Pierson, Amsterdam, NL.
mentioning ‘Schoolproject Burma’

Acknowledgement to sponsors and skill-based volunteers:

Clothing donation

  • Maxeda Group (V&D, M&S Mode), Amsterdam, Nl
  • Peek & Cloppenburg, Düsseldorf, D

Builders website

  • Planetbits, Utrecht, Nl

Production Photobook

  • Andreas Landshoff Productions, Amsterdam Nl
  • Lorenzo Ledel Art Direction, Amsterdam Nl
  • Derek Fehmers, creative consultant, Amsterdam, Nl


  • Nico Koster (photographer) for helping me make choices
  • Peter Paul Huf (Photolaboratory ‘het Lab’) for producing and framing the exquisite large 11color Digiprints.

Special thanks to our active supporters:

  • M&S Mode, for their Europe-wide Charity Campaign: the ‘charity bag’ for our schools, resulting in a cheque of € 50,000 !!!
  • Melanie van Ogtrop, who hospitably offered her ‘Circle Gallery’ in Amsterdam for the book presentation and photo exhibit.
  • ‘de Bijenkorf’ Department Stores, for organizing a book signing event the last Saturday before Christmas 2009
  • Mr Eric Albada Jelgersma (Chateau du Tertre and Chateau Margaux) and Mr Joop Braakhekke (Restaurant le Garage) who each chose a photo from the book, as theme for their Seasons Greetings, and endorsed Flying Teachers.
  • H. J. Stevens, Consul generaal van Myanmar for his sound advice and sympathy for our cause.
  • Pieter van Groenewoud, Cineplanet Amsterdam for the post production of the documentary film ‘children of the Buddha’ and the video of the third school.
  • Prof. Luc Beaucourt of the UZA University in Antwerp for his generous donation to upsize the construction of our second school.
  • Jan C. Berger, international consultant for ‘Retailize’ for promoting our books
  • Paul en Cor of ‘Affaire d’Antique et Cadeaux’, who graciously offered their gallery in Eindhoven for the book presentation and photo exhibit.
  • ‘van den Heuvel Wijnen’ for their Astoria Prosecco served at the Eindhoven Exhibition; and for donating part of the wine sale to Flying Teachers.
  • Roby and Katja Aulbach, Germany and Jan and Ine Geurts of Chronique Cosmétique  for their most generous donations !
  • Dr U Thant Thaw Kaung of the Myanmar Book Center for donating textbooks to our schools.
    And for his help to get 150 photobooks shipped to Rangoon and distributed over the most important tourist hotels in Burma.  This will undoubtedly generate funds even faster.
  • Mission Freight Schiphol for their free storage of books
  • Alsta Express, Rotterdam for their free transport of books from Holland to Burma


  • Monique Klemann (lead singer ‘Lois Lane’)
  • Johnny Kraaykamp Jr (actor)
  • Pierre Bokma (actor)
  • Joop Braakhekke (restaurant owner and TV personality)
  • Ivana Stamenkovits (14 year, radio presenter for Kids FM,  actress in TV youth series) singer, dancer and songwriter of the videoclip ‘We are the Flying Teachers’